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LeoFM takes students to game

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Karla Rendon
Staff Writer

LeoFM held its last event of the semester from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. on May 16 in Sneaky Park.

The event included hot dogs, courtesy of La Verne Corner Butcher Shop, and music from the radio station.

The event’s main attraction was the chance to win four field level tickets including free parking to see the Dodgers play the Angels Monday at Dodger Stadium.

“LeoFM Takes You Out To The Ball Game” encouraged people to win raffle entries for the grand prize by being the correct caller for the station, taking a photograph in Dodger gear then tagging LeoFM on Facebook or Twitter and wearing Dodger blue the day of the event.

Los Angeles resident Arturo Gomez won the grand prize of four tickets.

“I was just sitting down and then I saw a girl digging her hand through the raffles when they called my name,” Gomez said.

“I was in disbelief. They called my name two or three times before I actually got up.”

Gomez said he hoped to win so he could take his sister to the game for her celebration.

“My sister and I could finally spend some quality time because we’re both always working and never really get to hang out.”

Gomez first started listening to LeoFM when his friend, freshman broadcast journalism major Stephanie Lopez, was on the air.

“I couldn’t believe she was on the radio so I had to take a listen,” Gomez said.

“The DJs all seem pretty chill and have good music so every time I’m in La Verne, I listen to 107.9.”

In attendance of the event was sophomore Erica Garcia, who supports the Dodgers since her family is from Los Angeles.

“I really love the history behind the team,” Garcia said. “ I like how they had Jackie Robinson and Kirk Gibson in the ’88 series where he came out and played after being injured.”

Junior radio major Patrick Rodriguez worked to organize the event for three weeks.

Last year’s Dodgers tickets giveaway was a big promotion that brought inspiration for this event.

“It took a lot of work,” Rodriguez said. “ It was a collaborative effort from the whole staff.”

Leaving LeoFM, Rodriguez helped with the assembly of the event in hopes of departing the radio station with a grand exit for the semester.

“I just wanted to go out with a bang,” Rodriguez said. “ Our adviser Mike Laponis challenged us to do something big and we stepped up to the occasion.”

“It’s very rewarding and bittersweet,” said Rodriguez. “ It was a lot of work but very valuable to learn. I will miss working on LeoFM with all the staff. They are all really great people to work with.”

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