LeoSafe app nominated for overall app award

Gabriella Chikhani
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne’s LeoSafe app has been nominated for the 2014 Overall App Award on bestmobileappawards.com.

Stanley Skipworth, director of campus safety and transportation, nominated the LeoSafe App, which he co-created with Social Sentinel, for the award.

Along with winning the title of 2014 Overall App, the winner will also be mentioned in a press release to more than 40 news sites. Social Sentinel is an online service built by safety and security experts.

Advisers work with district public safety and security officials to improve their awareness and management of potential threats shared on publicly available social media sites.

“I’m happy that we can emphasize the type of remarkably safer environment and culture that we have here,” Skipworth said. “We are fortunate to be able to do that and to point to so many partners all across the campus that makes that possible and that’s all that matters.”

Since its launch over the summer, the free app has been downloaded by roughly 2,000 users.

The app includes emergency features such as crime statistics, a daily crime log, emergency contact information, security reports, parking and transportation information, a campus map, an alert system and technology that allows app users to report suspicious behavior or send reports, pictures and videos directly to Campus Safety.

“It will help us get our name out there as a safe school,” Todd Britton, assistant vice president of information technology business relations, said.

He said the app improves safety at La Verne by providing access to a variety of important information.

“It’s also about really pursing a demonstrative level of transparency to let everyone know what is being reported to us and what we’re working on with our local police department,” Skipworth said. ­”The app is designed to bring more of the resources and connectivity to the campus, community and our guests.”

Clive Houston-Brown, vice president of facilities and technology, said Skipworth has worked hard at escalating the communication lines between students and the Campus Safety department.

“An award or not, we’re just excited about what it does to help us be more immediately in touch with the people we are serving and that really is the ultimate goal,” Skipworth said.

Best Mobile App Awards recognizes the newest apps for all platforms.

Gabriella Chikhani can be reached at gabriella.chikhani@laverne.edu.

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