Improv leaves ’em laughing for Mohr

by Jazmine Ponce
Managing Editor

Uproarious laughter filled the 50 plus person crowd Monday night at the Brea Improv where comedian Jay Mohr performed a special show.

Mohr is best known to many as an actor. He has had great supporting roles in such films as “Go,” “Jerry Maguire” and currently “Pay It Forward” with Kevin Spacey. He was also seen in the critically acclaimed short-lived television series “Action,” which was cancelled. But to those who remember Mohr from his early days on the club circuit and appearances on “Saturday Night Live” he is a stand up comedian at heart, which was apparent Monday night where he had the audience laughing hysterical at the strangest and oddest things.

Monday was the last day Mohr was headlining the Brea Improv where he was originally scheduled for Nov. 9-12 but had to postpone it due to the filming of his new movie “Fair Hope USA” in Canada. Though the Monday night show was small and quaint, Mohr gave it his all and kept the crowd pumped.

Those who remember Mohr from his 1993-1995 stint on “SNL” know he does a dead on impressions of Christopher Walken. He also does fairly good impressions of Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel.

Mohr’s comedy is a blend of everyday life observations, drugs, sex, different cultures, ethnicities and almost anything. Some may think the subject matter of his comedy is too crass (maybe even vulgar and racy) but somehow no matter how one feels, the jokes are hilarious, and the laughter will just flow. He will have people thinking, “I cannot believe I am laughing at this?”

Some may say it is politically incorrect, but it is darn entertaining, the point of comedy is to make one laugh and have fun and that is exactly what Mohr does. A majority of Mohr’s material is unprintable but the material that is kosher is just plan funny and wildly amusing.

“Nyquil’s incredible, you ever take Nyquil? You go to bed and wake up with a beard, a chalk outline around your body you’re laying on the kitchen floor, you can’t make a fist, the doorbell’s ringing you can’t do anything about it, ‘I’m coming’ you look like uncle Jesse from ‘Dukes of Hazzard’,” said Mohr.

Mohr’s comedy is laced with quick witted references and obscure realities of life. In one instance he rants about abundance of languages on ATM machines including the oddest one, Braille.

“There’s a Braille button at the ATM machines, how does a blind guy find an ATM? Did he drive there in his new Lincoln? Did he map it out the night before with his family, 1,010, 1,011, 1,012, steps from the mailbox put that in the log. We’ll come back tomorrow after we find my wallet. Like the bank manager doesn’t see the blind guy coming, ‘here comes the blind guy put the ones in the bottom you moron, no I stole $500 last night I’m going to make it up here right now,” said Mohr.

Though it may offend some, one of the most side-splitting bits was about midgets who sell real estate on infomercials. When it comes to Mohr it’s best to leave all preconceptions at the door.

“Either I was really high or I saw this, a midget was selling real estate on TV, did anyone see this? A midget selling real estate, a little person I’m just sitting there like either that’s a midget or I have glaucoma, I know I’m high but that guy doesn’t look right. He’s just selling real estate walking around but I don’t know if he’s a midget or not really cause there’s no one else on the TV to compare him to, Whoa slow down with the numbers little man I’m trying to figure you out! You think they make an announcement, like ‘with the 5 percent, yes I’m a midget.’ All right good we figured it out, then he goes ‘Now let’s bring out my twin brother Sal.’ He’s a midget too, identical twin midget brothers, I didn’t even know you can make those, hey I want emyou gotta buy the house just for the story,” said Mohr.

For those who missed Mohr, they should defiantly see him when he comes back. Or they will surely regret it.

Mohr will be performing at the Irvine Improv, Dec. 28-31. for more information, call (949) 854-5455 or check the website

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