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Spot’s remodeling adds to atmosphere

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by Jazmine Ponce
Features Editor

Many students may notice that the Spot has had another face-lift. Over interterm renovations were made to incorporate a different atmosphere and make it more accessible for workers.

Before renovations, there was a wall that separated the food service and the seating area. The wall was removed and another wall was created to the left of the Spot to separate the television lounge area. This was made in an effort to prevent and control after-hour theft.

“We wanted to make the Spot whole and create a different atmosphere,” said Keith Friend, director of food services.

Along with the new wall, there was an exit door installed to help with future renovations and remodeling to the Student Center that may take place this summer. The next remodeling will include a café and outside dining area near the air-conditioning unit outside.

“That exit is there now so people can get into the feeling that that is going to be an exit. When they do the major remodeling with the outside café and the exit on that side we have some flow of traffic control,” said Friend.

There is also a wider variety of selections for students that have been added. Countertop coolers instead of ones lined up against the wall provide new beverage selection along with the regular selections.

“We have added more variety to what we had before in a condensed area and it looks a lot better first of all,” said Friend.

The students as well as the food service workers of the Spot have given the changes a lot of positive feedback. The renovation allows everything to be in one area and makes it easier to manage for the workers as well as look better and appeal more to the students.

“The atmosphere is more related to hanging out. People seem to hang out more than they did. When the wall was there it felt like it was separated, now people tend to come in, order something, hang out and study. It is more of a place to come now than it was before where it really was just a get-a-drink-and-get-out-of-there [place],” said Friend.

“Now it feels like people are hanging out more and socializing. It has a completely different feel to it, and students like the way it feels,” he said.

Along with creating a new atmosphere and making it accessible, the renovations were also created to help stop thefts of food and drinks.

“For the most part the thefts are down with the wall being on the opposite side now. People used to jump over the wall. Now that the Spot is so much bigger if you jump over the wall by the TV side, the chances of being seen are higher than before, people are now hesitant to do that,” said Friend.

A future event to help the Spot become more sociable, is Open Mic Night, a collaboration with Michael Houdyshell, coordinator of Campus Activities and Commuter Programs. The first Open Mic Night will be held March 20 and there are plans to make it a monthly event.

“It is another way for students to come together and hang out at the Spot, have some type of entertainment [and] have a meal-just change the atmosphere a bit,” said Friend.

There are also plans to add a variety of new items in Fall 2001, such as soda 12-packs and two-liter bottles, laundry detergent, aspirin and magazines in order to create a convenience store quality to directly compete with Circle K.

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