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Gospel singer Ganther brings audience to its standing feet

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by Julia Carachure
Editorial Director

Students gathered on Wednesday, April 4, in Founders Auditorium to attend Natalie Ganther’s senior recital. Ganther, along with backup singers Kia Hamm on tenor, Nikole Rogers on alto and her twin sister Nicole on soprano, managed to bring the house down.

“Natalie is a blessed and talented individual and her concert reflects those qualities,” said sophomore Angela Perry.

The evening begin with Nicole introducing her sister. Ganther came on the stage and her singers began to sing the Calypso like song called “Welcome to the Carnival.” The audience was asked to applaud as they sang the song on stage. It was also evident that Ganther and everyone else that performed on stage was filled with plenty of energy to spare.

After the song, Ganther gave a speech thanking everyone for coming to her concert. She then sang “Spring can really bring you down the most.” As she was singing, one was reminded of singer Whitney Houston. Then Rogers came up on the stage and recited a poem about what kind of person she is and how she cannot make her man love her.

Then the girls went up and sang “I can’t make you love me.” After the song, Ganther sang the song, “Let’s take a long walk in the park.” After that song, she performed “For all we know.”

The evening ended with two gospel songs, the first one was dedicated to Ganther’s mother, who is in the hospital. Ganther mentioned that because of her, she learned about Jesus through her. The song perfomed was “Through the storm.” The evening ended with the song “Can’t Give up now.” Her sister also sang with her during that song.

The audience gave Ganther a standing ovation. The audience was also clapping after every song was performed.

“Natalie is always a phenomenal singer and performer. The concert was really good,” said sophomore Kim Reed.

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