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Haunted maze terrifies students

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Andrew Alonzo
Staff Writer

The Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology Club constructed its own Halloween maze based off iconic movie characters like Pennywise the Clown and the Purge outlaws that came out of the floor and chased screaming people out of the maze.

The event kicked off at the Hanawalt House as part of the Campus Activities Board’s Hallowfest schedule on Tuesday.

The maze was a long, dark hall shrouded in a black tarp that made it that much more eerie.

But before students’ britches were soiled in the maze, they could take pictures with scary masquerade props and watch “Unsolved” by Buzzfeed while waiting their turn. 

Olivia Traud, sophomore criminology major and president of the club, said she wanted to play off the success of last years event that focused on common fears. 

“Last year our president wanted to do a maze for Halloween and it was our first year doing it,” Traud said. “And plus, Halloween is my favorite holiday so I wanted the maze to come out good.”

Litzy Silva, freshman criminology major and club member, talked about some of the difficulties in pulling off a true spooky haunted house.

“We had to put it up in one day so constructing the walls and putting up the bags all had to be done fast,” Silva said. “We communicated a lot so we got it done. We also had volunteer actors from the surrounding high schools and students from the club to join in.”

The maze was a straight hall that took students right into the path of the mazes first jump scare.

Students stumbled away in fright down to the next room where they were met in a pitch black corridor with two trash bags laid on the floor.

Upon further inspection, the trash bags were stuffed with something more nefarious and devilish in nature.

The webbing coming from the roof of the tarp only added to students’ anxiety.

Just as some were about to uncover the horror in the trash bag, a zombie hand emerged and a loud groan scared them 10 feet backward through the next phase in the maze.

“I get scared pretty easily as it is,” senior psychology major Wendy Le said. “When I saw the spider webbing and something moving in the trash 

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