Students weigh in on best joe in town

Nicolette Rojo
Staff Writer

Coffee is a savior for many college students searching for a source of energy or a pick me up to get through the day.

There is an abundance of coffee outlets within walking distance for people in need of their daily coffee intake. 

After a survey featuring 12 University of La Verne students and local community members, half reported Cactus Coffee serves the best quality coffee in downtown La Verne. 

“If you’re factoring in all kinds of coffee, then I’d say Cactus,” said Emilie Brekke, senior political science major. “I think it is the best because it tastes good and is not overpriced. I like to get iced coffee with creamer.” 

Miss Donuts is another common option because of the size and additional flavors of coffee. While they are known as a small, local donut and bagel shop, students and staff purchase their coffee for the lingering aroma and additional creamers and syrups found in their iced coffee.

Scott Reyes-Wilkerson, junior computer science major, said when he does not drink coffee served from home, he drinks Miss Donuts’ since he is not a fan of most store bought iced coffees.

“Miss Donuts has a full spread of additions to put into the coffee, including cinnamon and other interesting and unique things,” Reyes-Wilkerson said. “I prefer basic coffee with a sprinkle of sugar and almost no creamer, but iced is the best.”

Ani Kechichian, director of payroll services, also enjoys going to Miss Donuts because they brew lighter coffee compared to stronger ones at Cactus Coffee and Caffe Allegro.

“The coffee is not too strong there,” Kechichian said. “I love coffee but I cannot drink it when it is too strong hence my preference of light and medium roast when ordering American coffee.”

While downtown La Verne is home to a variety of coffee shops that serve several types of coffee, some people opt to a more simple and traditional style where they can customize their own cup.

Circle K is a popular spot for students to grab a quick snack, lunch or drink like the popular “Polar Pop” to enjoy in between classes. 

Circle K also has a coffee bar with a medium, large or extra-large size available, along with a variety of flavors.

LaTrice Bacon, payroll associate, said that she loves the flavors Circle K’s coffee offers.

“Their coffee is amazing and it has a robust taste,” Bacon said. “I prefer medium roast coffee and I like their prices and how friendly their employees are and the atmosphere.”

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