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Family business customizes jewels

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Jon Rehm, co-owner of Micky’s Jewelry Studio on D Street, uses a Mieji microscope to place jewels on rings. Rehm went into the family business at a young age, and has been around jewelry stores all his life. Rehm’s mother, Micky Rehm, owned the first Micky’s Jewelry Studio in La Verne, where she worked for 10 years. She worked at La Verne Jewelry for 20 years prior to opening her own studio. The current location in downtown La Verne opened last August. / photo by Celeste Drake

Paulina Wartman
Staff Writer

Micky’s Jewelry Studio opened its second location on D Street in downtown La Verne in August 2017.

The family owned shop specializes in unique, personalized jewelry for a customer’s need, style and budget.

“We can sell you a little silver charm for a charm bracelet or a $50,000 diamond; we have a really wide range. We also carry fun, funky jewelry that’s affordable about $18 on up,” shop owner Micky Rehm said.

Micky’s is dedicated to making sure customers are happy with their purchases, carrying bridal to casual, everyday charmed bracelets.

Micky Rehm and her son Jon Rehm have been designing unique items for their customers for more than 10 years.

The mother and son duo wanted to own a building, and used that goal to drive them to open their second location.

Micky Rehm had previously worked at La Verne Jewelers for 20 years and then began a career at Nordstrom.

“After a while I was ready to go to something else which led me to Nordstroms, but I always wanted to get back into Jewelry,” Micky Rehm said.

The shop varies in styles and price giving the customer a beautiful selection of pieces.

Micky’s features designers like Luvente, Coast Diamond, MK Diamonds, Sara Blaine, Ayala Bar, and Tisento Milano.

Custom pieces are also available, which the shop takes much pride in.

Micky’s also sells heartbeat necklaces, with all the proceeds going to Save the Heartbeat, a non-profit organization that benefits those that are affected by congenital heart disease.

“We believe each customer is unique, so we make a personalized piece of jewelry just like the person wearing it – totally unique to others,” Micky Rehm said.

“We offer custom design.Let’s say maybe your grandmother gave you a ring and its sentimental to you and you love it but it’s not necessarily your style. We can take those gemstones out, maybe even melt that gold and make you something that you would like and wear and enjoy.”

Micky Rehm said that her talent and passion is creating the dream piece for every customer, especially the bride that visits her shop, with her ring design in mind.

“Now with Pinterest, brides come in and they want a very specific look,” Micky Rehm said.

“We get new stuff all the time, from other designers that we buy from and also from things that Jon’s made, we constantly have something new probably every week,” she said.

Jon Rehm said the store stalks consistent staple pieces.

Micky’s has their own jewelry line that some customers prefer to designing their own piece. 

The shop also does an array of custom designing and fabrication, diamond remounting, jewelery and watch repair, buy gold, accept trade-ins and offer appraisals.

Across the street from Micky’s is Sigal Diamonds. Sigal Diamonds has been in La Verne for 20 years and has many loyal customers.

Sigal Diamonds owner Philippe Sigal said that the two shops were too different to be any kind of threat to each other. 

“There’s nothing to compare,” Sigal said.

Sigal Diamonds’ specialty is diamonds, whereas Micky’s thrives on variety and custom pieces.

Micky’s annual revenue is just under one million.

“I think everybody is competition, but I think there’s room for everybody,” Micky Rehm said in regards to nearby jewelers.

Jon Rehm said that competition is beneficial because it makes businesses perform better.

The decorated gallery has been awarded La Verne’s Business of the Year, La Verne’s Volunteer of the Year, La Verne Chamber Member of the Year, Building Block Award from Habitat for Humanity for their contribution to the community as well as California State Assembly Small Business of the Year Nominee.

Micky’s have a wide range of customers because of the versatility of their jewelry.

“We definitely get a lot of young couples, some getting married and then customers up to 70,” Micky Rehm said.

“Everybody has a birthday, and mostly everybody has an anniversary. I just hand delivered a wedding band to a couple at Hillcrest.”

La Verne native Loretta Davis has been wearing her grandmother’s wedding band since her grandmother died in 2006.

Davis’ grandmother wore the ring for 35 years.

“It’s old to say the least,” Davis said. “Micky’s cleaned the ring for me for free and suggested I come in every couple months to make sure the ring stays in the family looking just how it looked when first bought.”

Micky’s Jewelry Studio, located at 2343 D Street in downtown La Verne, is open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays.

Paulina Wartman can be reached at

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