Samoa represented at MUN by ULV

by Melinda Sanchez
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Each year, the Model United Nations (MUN) Club at the University of La Verne meets with several other colleges and universities across the world to act as representatives for each country at the Model United Nations conference.

This year, the club will attend the conference during spring break on April 10 to 14.

According to Kat Przybylska, co-chair of MUN, who attended the event last year, it meets more than once a year. She said, “MUN goes on all the time, all over the place. It’s in San Francisco, Boston, and New York, where we plan on going this year.”

The MUN is open to all students who have an interest in how the United Nations works. Stefan Chacon, MUN chair, said, “In the real UN there are experts of every kind and even though some are very political, that just shows how any major can apply.”

He said that it is still open and students can still participate. Students who have gone in the past do not necessarily have seniority, but they have shown dedication and seriousness in their loyalty.

Members are expected to research and be informed about the country in which they are assigned in order to create aid packages for them and to pass resolutions in favor of their county’s best interests.

Last year, ULV was assigned to Angola, a county in Africa. Przybylska said, “It is difficult to remember that you are acting as a delegate for that country. You have to stay in character and play your role. It’s important to put aside any biases or opinions that you may have and stay in that mind set.”

La Verne has been assigned to pose as Samoa this year, which will require them to learn about the country’s economic system and its politics but more importantly, “to have a firm understanding of what your country’s role and interests are in the United Nations,” said Chacon.

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