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SCE showcases benefits of center

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by Melinda Sanchez
Staff Writer

University of La Verne faculty and staff, and local chamber of commerce members gathered last Thursday at the School of Continuing Education (SCE) in Garden Grove to welcome prospective students at the monthly open house held in the Higher Education building.

The open house is held primarily to promote interest in the school since it moved from Fountain Valley.

Manuel Escalante, director of marketing, said, “After moving to Garden Grove in September, they hold a monthly open house to invite new students and prospective students to see what ULV is all about.”

The SCE is an extension of ULV and is primarily for adult students wishing to achieve new heights in their career fields by pursuing an education.

The school also focuses on catering mostly to working professionals working toward a first or second degree of some kind.

According to Escalante the average age of students range from 30 to 36.

“These students are working in a much more condensed time period. We work in terms, not semesters. Going to school only in the evenings, they have 10 weeks for the bachelor’s and master’s program,” Escalante said.

Senior Adjunct Professor John Stupar said, “We have one class a week for five hours, and it’s actually quite enjoyable.

“Most of the class time consists of discussion, which allows students to interact with other professionals in their field.”

According to Inge Kendall Maranto, of ULV’s Regional Campus Development, “It’s like a mini-campus, but we bring the University to them.”

She said that SCE strives and focuses mostly to uphold the ULV tradition and that’s why “we try to meet their [individual] needs.”

According to Escalante, all the campuses work together. He said, “You can sign up for a class in Garden Grove, and go to the class in Long Beach.”

Escalante said, “This educational experience is unique because certain businesses offer classes through ULV to help their employees learn more that could benefit their company.

“Most of these classes are closed, and you have to be a member of their corporation to take the course, because it is only offered through our school and their company,” Escalante said.

A few companies that work with ULV to educate their employees further include Edison, Boeing, and the Gas Company.

ULV’s President Stephen Morgan, said, “Our objective is to provide a quality education opportunity to prepare you for the career that you choose.”

“I don’t think there’s anything more important than higher education,” Dr. Morgan said.

Maranto said that the SCE does not offer scholarships or grants, but does have full financial aid available. She said, “As an independent student, you can write your educational expenses off on your taxes … and some companies will even pay for your classes.”

Stupar said, “I think it’s a great idea for the University to reach out to the community.

Students are proud, and that’s what makes the program what it is.”

In Dr. Morgan’s brief speech he mentioned Lee Newcomer, the former president of ULV, who “spawned the idea of expanding to other cities and even countries.

According to Maranto, ULV’s five regional campuses support Newcomer’s idea, and the new site in Garden Grove will only add to the expansion of La Verne’s educational influence and growing spirit.

Stupar said, “There’s a spirit in this school that’s not in any other school … that makes it what it is.”

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