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Students seek options for spring break plans

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by Melinda Sanchez
Staff Writer

Plans for spring break vary from one student to the next. So what’s on their agenda? Spring break is coming soon, and the week of April 17 through the 24 will be one to remember.

ULV students will pack their bags, and head out to enjoy the sun in an array of places, through package trips and trips that they have planned themselves.

Summer Winter Action Tours (SWAT) offers a Rosarito, Mexico, trip as a package to all ULV students. This spring break deal is for April 16-19, and includes the hotel stay, cover charges for several local clubs, transportation and exclusive beach parties. SWAT also includes an Ibiza Party which concludes the trip.

One of the ULV representatives in charge of this trip is freshman Kati Kelly, who has helped sign up 23 people so far. She said, “I haven’t had to go out and promote that much. People are already interested and want to go.”

If money is an issue with planning a trip, the SWAT Rosarito trip ranges from $189 to $239, depending on the hotel room selected. According to Kelly, there is also a $25 bus charge if one decides to use that means of transportation for their trip.

The SWAT Rosarito trip is still open and can be signed up for. The deadline for the full payment is March 27, but sign ups will be accepted after the deadline with an added late fee. The representatives for the SWAT trip, freshman Nikki Caetaneso and Kelly can be reached for further information at extension 2157.

Junior Aaron Rodriguez and several of his friends and brothers of Phi Delta Theta plan on spending three days on a house boat in Lake Mead, a day in Las Vegas and the final four days of their trip in Rosarito.

Jay Capinpin, a junior member of Phi Delta Theta said they have been planning the trip since the fall semester.

“I’ve never been on a house boat before, and am excited to share the experience with my Phi Delt brothers and friends,” he said.

The house boat idea for spring break is common and also inexpensive. According to Rodriguez, the house boat his group reserved is made for 12 people and costs $800 total. Divided among the 10 people going, the cost is quite reasonable.

Rodriguez and his group gathered all the information they needed after visiting a booth at the Los Angeles County Fair, and walking through one of the actual house boats they had on display.

Senior Corey Brown said, “I’m going to Lake Havasu with my buddies and renting a house boat,” while senior Kristi Burks said she plans on “going to Vegas with the girls.”

Richard Searing, a sophomore, is taking a trip to Mexico with his sister.

“My sister offered to take me, and it was an offer I couldn’t pass up,” he said. Searing said his destination is uncertain, but he hopes to end up in Cancún, “where all the ladies are at.”

Senior James Torpey is taking a trip with his golf team friends to Parker River in Colorado to stay in a house on the banks. He plans on stopping in Las Vegas on the way back to La Verne. According to Torpey, depending on how things go in Vegas, the trip will cost anywhere between $200 and $500.

No matter where the sun may lead ULV students, they are sure to have a blast.

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