‘Zodiac Ballet’ show creates synchronized environment

Maydeen Merino
Staff Writer

The Harris Gallery showcased an exhibit titled “Zodiac Ballet,” featuring work from eight different artists including four alumni.

The exhibit’s artwork varied from photographs, paintings, and installation art.

Two pieces from separate artists complemented one another while also having its own individuality.

Paintings by artists Melissa Thorne and alumna Keanna Ide shared similar themes to one another. Both works used realistic features and aims to show the invisible air that surrounds us.

Thorne’s painting titled “Luminous Cities,” was a vibrant pink quilt like pattern using oil on a white canvas making the allusion that the painting is suspended.

Ide’s painting is an abstract of layered shapes and colors . It too provided the allusion of shapes floating.

Claremont resident Monica Garcia enjoyed the artwork of Ide.

“I like it because the painting provides people with their own perspective of what they believe the painting is,” Garcia said.

Artist Kent Anderson Butler created a visual art piece that was apart of a series titled, “Drowning with Land Still In Sight.”

“The idea is a metaphor, meaning there is an end in sight in the journey yet you are sinking down below the depths,” Butler said.

The photo is a vivid green dye sublimation print of a close up picture of his hand submerged underwater trying to reach to the surface.

The exhibit featured an instillation piece, created by Etchi Werner-Nyiri, an artist born in Slovakia.

Her piece is centered around ovaries. She creates a tree crafted from wood, to represent life and ovary images surrounding it, the title of this piece is “Tree of Life.” When looking at this piece from afar, the mixed media assembles together to create one big ovary.

Butler and alumnus Joseph Cardenas are in sync with one another as they share the same expression of water and fluidity.

Cardenas painted geometric shapes and congruent lines, in a three tier painting to showcase fluidity.

“I really like some of these designs, I think they are really creative and spontaneous,” junior studio art major Jose Zermeno said.

The exhibition includes four alumni – Cardenas, Alex Couwenberg, Austin Howland and Ide – whose work is now a part of the art department’s permanent collection.

Couwenberg, Cardenas and Ide created acrylic on canvas pieces while Howland created two black vertical structures covered with translucent colored plastic.

“The valuable experience about this show is we are pulling from different time periods of students who have studied here, artist of residence, their is a lot of diversity and really rich experience involved in this show,” curator of the “Zodiac Ballet,” Dion Johnson, director of galleries, said.

Maydeen Merino can be reached at maydeen.merino@laverne.edu.

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