Students quarantining in Vista after three test positive for COVID-19

Alondra Campos
News Editor

Jacob Barriga
Staff Writer

At least 19 University of La Verne students are currently in quarantine this week after three residents of the Vista La Verne dorm tested positive for COVID-19, according to University officials.

Housing placed the students under quarantine after coming in direct contact with the three who tested positive for the coronavirus, said University spokesman Rod Leveque. The first positive test was between Friday and Tuesday, Leveque said. 

“The first positive test was a result of symptoms reported by a student, and the second positive test came through surveillance testing,” Leveque said. “The third positive test resulted from direct contact with one of the tested residents.”

The University conducts surveillance testing regularly, for which residents are tested randomly.

Leveque said when positive tests arise, the University conducts contact tracing, working with students to find anyone who has come in contact with the residents who have tested positive and places those students under quarantine as well. Students have the choice of remaining in their own rooms or transferring to a new room during the quarantine process.

“Once students complete their quarantine period, they are tested again,” Leveque said. “If the test results are negative, they are cleared to leave quarantine and go back into the surveillance testing pool.”

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently lowered the recommended quarantine period 14 to 10 days, Leveque said the University is following the Los Angeles County guidelines, which still call for 14 days of quarantine. 

With the winter break approaching, “if students would like to quarantine in their own home or residence, they are welcome to do that as well,” Leveque added.

Vista La Verne is currently the only University dorm open, serving about 150 residents. This is the first time Vista has had a positive COVID test result, and students still say they believe housing staff is handling the situation well. 

“I am nervous but… the staff is doing the best they can do under these circumstances” Kylie Fetui-Turner, junior business administration major, said. 

Junior business administration major Austin Haines said that he is not scared of getting the virus himself. 

“But I don’t want to be asymptomatic and take it home during Christmas because I have family members who have complicated health issues,” Haines added.

Vista will continue random testing, and all those living on campus may get a test at the University health center at no charge. 

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Jacob Barriga, a senior journalism major, is a copy editor for the Campus Times. He has also served as sports editor and a staff writer.

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