Application lncrease 77 per cent for 1976

According to the Office of Admissions, there may just be quite a few new faces on campus next September, and they have the figures to back it up.

The total number of freshman ap­plications submitted Spring semester 1975 came to 149, while those sent in for the same semester 1976 are at 264, showing an increase of 77 per cent.

The increase is attributable to the intensive efforts of a now larger admissions staff to make high school students more aware of the potentials of La Verne College. Special emphasis has also been placed on informing the student of junior standing as well as the graduating senior said the Director of Admissions Biff Green.

The effect of this increase should in­terest each student as it will bring in a student with a Grade Point Average that is higher than that of the students of previous years. The students are better qualified for college level work and should present a more outstanding level of competition at La Verne, Green said.

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