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Horror Nights offers new mazes

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Jocelyn Arcero
Arts Editor

It is finally that time of the year – Universal Studios opened its Halloween Horror Nights Sept. 14.

Having gone the last three years, this year was no exception for me.

This year’s event featured mazes such as the Terror Tram, “Poltergeist” and “Stranger Things,” based on the Netflix original series.

With nine different horror attractions to choose from, the night was packed full of screams and monsters of all kind.

My personal favorite was the Terror Tram. This year’s Terror Tram was taken over by Hollywood Harry, a clown described as infamous for terrorizing the Universal Studios theme park.

As the audience was taken to the Universal Studios backlot, the small screens set up at the top of each row in the trams played footage of Hollywood Harry.

The screens gave the audience a back story of the clown and how he lurks around the backlot with his black balloons, scaring visitors as he stands by watching menacingly.

Before getting off the tram, the video cuts to a screen showing the clown holding two Universal Studios workers hostage.

In the video he explains the horrors the audience could expect once they exit the tram, like chainsaw wielding human-dog hybrids, mutated cannibals, killer clowns and a feature he described as his “nightmare factory” where all of our nightmares would come to life, he said.

With human-dog hybrids chasing after you, cannibals looking at you like the first meal they have had in days and terrorizing clowns sneaking up behind you at every interval, it is safe to say the Terror Tram was just as terrifying as one could expect.

As the audience returned to the trams to escape the terrors of the backlot, we were left with a lasting impression that made my jaw drop.

The scene on the screens of the tram that Hollywood Harry took control of was shocking, to say the least, as we made our journey back to the main park.

If you are a fan of the “Poltergeist” movie franchise, you will love the maze just as much.

The television static alone was enough to make my skin crawl, but the surprises within it left me screaming at the top of my lungs.

Watch out as you turn that corner – I know I was left in shock.

One cannot leave Horror Nights without waiting through the over two-and-a-half-hour line for the “Stranger Things” maze.

The line was a nightmare, but the wait proved to be worth it.

Halloween 4, a new movie coming out this year, had a maze dedicated to Michael Myer’s and his infamous mask.

A tour through the Byers’ house with walls that move and lights that flicker to the woods where Will’s hideout playhouse could be seen in the flesh.

This maze was a dream come true for fans of the show.

As the audience walked through the Upside-Down, Demagorgons were seen coming out of corners to scare the viewers.

The maze was everything one could ask for, although I do believe the Upside-Down could have been portrayed in a better way.

This does not mean it was poorly done at all, I just believe there could have been more to add to the Upside-Down with how prevalent and terrifying the alternate world was in the series.

Considering how perfectly portrayed the Byers’ household was, I was expecting the same to be done for the Upside-Down. The long wait still proved to be worth it in the end.

There were also mazes based on the First Purge, Trick ‘R Treat, the Horrors of Blumhouse and the Universal Monsters, such as Dracula and Frankenstein.

The night was full of horrors and screams until 2 a.m., and I plan on going again in October.

The University offers discounted tickets at the front desk of the Campus Center. This is an event you do not want to miss. Horror Nights will continue until Nov. 3.

Jocelyn Arceo can be reached at

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