Music Review: Nav turns a corner with ‘Good Intentions’

Josue Arellano
Staff Writer

Nav, one of hip-hop’s most controversial rap figures, is back with a new album titled “Good Intentions,” which features an A-list of features and some of his best cadences, flows and lyrics to date.

On his last album “Bad Habits,” Nav seemed rushed to just deliver a mixture of songs rather than to complete a full body of work. “Good Intentions” is more focused on delivering a complete body of work that feels more cohesive. 

On the title track he references his last album with the lyrics, “I got bad habits, but I still got good intentions.” 

Nav is defining his place in hip-hop and several of the biggest rap artists today are taking notice. Not only does the album contain features from Travis Scott, Gunna, Young Thug, Future and more, but each guest verse features some of their best work.

With “No Debate,” the beat carries a swing that transports the listener into a world of flashy diamonds, mafia leaders and chasing your goals. When trading flows with Young Thug, their chemistry felt as natural as it can get. 

Nav enters the track “My Business” with one of his smoothest flows on the album, encouraging listeners to mind their own business and ignore the hate. He states this on the hook saying, “Heard them hating, they said that I’m done, but I ain’t going nowhere, who’re you kidding?”

Future comes in on this track with so much determination, it is impossible to not start swaying to the rhythmic beat and cadence. The energy Nav brings to these songs seems to carry through to guest verses because it is as though almost every feature is bringing their best to the table.

The best collaboration on the album is “Codeine.” The beat starts like a typical trap beat but quickly takes a spacy turn that completely absorbs the listener. With a Gunna feature, both artists share a similar cadence that offers a variety of different voices while still maintaining a similar flow. 

One of the best songs on the album is a slow track titled “Saint Laurenttt.” The beat on this track separates itself from the rest of the album by sounding similar to an R&B song.

The manipulation of the vocals on the track transcends reality and puts the listener in the mindset of an intoxicated rapper who wants to buy the world for his girlfriend. By singing “Girl, I’ll buy you whatever you want. Pockets full of racks, can’t fold them up,” Nav cannot help but flex even on a love song.

“My Space” features emotional vulnerability regarding his feelings toward his fame and the fans that come with it. The track contains a beautiful harp melody that lingers throughout the song while Nav sings, “I give you a lot of things, but I can’t give you what you want. Got you a lot of rings, I still won’t make you number one.” 

The track contains one of the most peaceful beats on the album, with a delivery from Nav that brings the listener face to face with his inner feelings.

With 18 songs and a run time of 50 minutes, the album runs too long for its own good. Songs like “Overdose” and “She Hurting” are the lowest points of the album. 

These tracks feel like carbon copies of earlier tracks in the album and some of Nav’s older songs and carry a lazy performance from the artist.

Even with its flaws, Nav brings his fans exactly what they want with this new album, and it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, beating Kehlani and Drake.

Nav continues to elevate as an artist and position himself to stay in the rap game for the long run. 

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